New Patient Experience

At Bright Life Dentistry in Virginia Beach, we believe the new patient experience sets the tone for your overall dental care. Everyone deserves to keep their teeth for a lifetime. 

Your appointment will begin with a thorough review of both your medical and dental history. The oral-systemic connection is very strong. This means we can often identify manifestations of health conditions in your mouth! Certain diseases or health conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, pregnancy or even asthma can have an effect on your overall dental health!

  Dr. Roxzanne Amos loves meeting with her patients and offering a very personalized caring and safe experience and exam for our patients. We will never make you feel self-conscious or feel embarrassed by the condition of your mouth. Every patient is unique and deserves to have quality time to discuss their individual goals and concerns for their dental health.

As part of our objective to help you achieve optimal health, function and aesthetics, your comprehensive exam will consist of the the following:

  • A thorough evaluation of the teeth, gums, the tongue and cheeks
  • Any necessary x-rays (if you have recent x-rays, we can also use those)
  • A thorough evaluation of the health and condition of the jaw joint and jaw muscles
  • A thorough oral cancer screening exam (head, neck, lips, tongue, cheeks and palate)
  • Study models to evaluate your bite or orthodontic needs if indicated

Our patients are impressed with the thoroughness of the complete examination process.
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We welcome new patients! You are invited to come see what our personalized approach and new patient experience can do for you.

You may find and complete our new patient forms on our secured and encrypted website by clicking the link below before your first visit!

Many of our patients prefer to complete these forms at the convenience of their homes before they come in to see us. Simply click on PATIENT FORMS to complete your forms on our secured and encrypted website.



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