Natural Looking Dentures

Great looking, well-fitting Dentures

Dr. Roxzanne Amos in Virginia Beach loves helping make natural fitting comfortable dentures for her patients. Well made Dentures help prevent bone loss that naturally comes from losing teeth and ultimately makes wearing dentures comfortably almost impossible. There is a better way -combine a well-made denture with dental implants and dentures can become even more comfortable and help make the bite more stable. 
Research shows that properly fitting dentures can help you eat and eliminate digestive issues.
Great fitting dentures have the ability to correct speaking problems. 
If you have a loose fitting denture,  we can evaluate you to see if you are a candidate for a  dental implant to support your denture.
Dr. Amos works alongside experienced specialists and highly talented dental labs to provide " teeth in a day. "
Being able to enjoy the good things in life is important. We believe everyone should be able to smile and eat with confidence so they can focus on them.  That is why we take our time with your dentures to get the right fit.  To make sure they are comfortable and make sure you are happy about the way you look - all that even before they are even made. We use the best techniques and the best labs so that you can smile and eat with confidence and get back to focusing on what is most important to you! 

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